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What is PHPOpenCV?

PHPOpenCV is a PHP extension based on the OpenCV C\C++ interface. It can be understood as the PHP version of OpenCV, a PHP extension for computer vision development.
Support for PHP7+ and OpenCV4.0.0+.

Before learning PHPOpenCV, it is necessary to understand OpenCV.


Here we want to popularize OpenCV. OpenCV is a cross-platform computer vision library based on BSD license (open source).
In fact, it can be more vividly said to be a tool for developing computer vision.
Even if it is a tool that can be developed to work as a computer eye, then it is a tool, so what can it do?
For example: image processing, object detection and recognition, tracking, etc.
More specific applications: Face Recognition, ID card identification, Car license recognition, Automatic driving and so on.


Why PHPOpenCV?

  • PHP language support, only need PHP to become a computer vision master, lower than C++ entry
  • C\C++ underlying implementation extension
  • Continuous development support and maintenance, hoping to submit to the official official PHP version of OpenCV, and submit to pecl

Of course, this library is more complicated than ordinary web development, but I believe that if you read this tutorial and rely on your interest, you will become a computer vision master.

The conditions of this tutorial:

  • Will use the computer, will be basic PHP;
  • Remember the equations of junior high school mathematics and a little bit of algebra;
  • I want to change from programming white to professional computer vision master;
  • I can take half an hour to study every day.

Don’t hesitate anymore, this tutorial is for you!



About the author

hihozhou,PHPOpenCVproject author and sponsor, php extension developer

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